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a story based on the life of the forefather of...
Suspence, Cyber-Crime
Starting on the Isle of Corsica, with a messenger with a USB drive containing code; unique code, lethal code, code that in the right hands, it having the power to cripple the internet. The story continues within the catacombs of Paris; and the primary target of this cyber mafia, is the U.S.

Will they shut down the internet? What else will they shut down?  What will be the aftermath in the event that the internet is shut down. Will the U.S. governement agencies be able to stop them?
He got his nickname for a reason. His life was the fast lane. He had a need for speed.  He was a husband, a father, a lover. a promoter of motor-cycles and moto-cross. He was  man with passion, with drive. A man ahead of his times.
He touched the lives of many; and all have their own story to tell, their own passage, connnection to Fast Eddie. This is not just a story about Fast Eddie, not just about moto-crosss, but a story of life, a story of sex and sensuality, of sweat and blood, a story with some crazy moments, and a host of wonderful, real life characters.